Volume: 53 Number: 3

Table of Contents

Translational averaging for completeness, characterization and oversampling of wavelets Full text
R. S. Laugesen 211-249
Self-equivalences of dihedral spheres Full text
D. L. Ferrario 251-264
Arithmetically Gorenstein curves on arithmetically Cohen-Macaulay surfaces Full text
A. Dolcetti 265-276
Bounding the degrees of generators of a homogeneous dimension 2 toric ideal Full text
H. Thomas 277-285
Integral representation of functions on sectors, functional calculus and norm estimates Full text
K. N. Boyadzhiev 287-302
Mappings with dilatation in Orlicz spaces Full text
J. Björn 303-3ll
Singular functions on metric measure spaces Full text
I. Holopainen, N. Shanmugalingam 313-332

ISSN: 0010-0757